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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Icon - Madonna and Child 2015 #2

Madonna and Child 2015 #2
by jojo sabalvaro tan
 Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper

While on a long vacation in Manila, I took along my basic watercolor art supplies for travel sketching. A friend of mine requested that I paint a Madonna and Child for her. Since I did not have time to paint before we left for the Philippines, I decided that I would paint the piece there. And that was the first Madonna and Child I did for 2015.  I usually end up making several paintings of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus throughout the year, one of which will end up as the image on our Christmas card.  In addition to the Madonna and Child I painted for my friend, I decided to make one for the family home of my husband. They have a large altar that is filled with images of Jesus, Mary and other Saints. I still remember my mother-in-law sitting in front of the altar praying. The piece I painted was going to be placed on this altar.  It is based on The Our Mother of Perpetual Help icon, an icon whose original is said to be painted by St. John himself. I thought it was fitting since my mother-in-law was a devotee of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Icon of St. John Painting the first icon of the Virgin Mary (from campus.udayton.edu)

The icon I painted placed on the Tan Home altar
The veneration of Our Mother of Perpetual Help is very popular in the Philippines. At the Baclaran Church in Metro Manila thousands of devotees come to the church every Wednesday for the traditional novena to ask for a special favor or to offer thanksgiving for the hope and help Jesus had bestowed upon them through the intercession of the Our Mother of Perpetual Help.
baclaran church
Inside Baclaran Church on Wednesdays

<b>Our Mother of Perpetual Help (Baclaran</b>, ParaƱaque) (Photo by Noli ...
Altar at Baclaran Church with the Our Mother of Perpetual Help Icon as centerpiece

When I was growing up, you would find this  devotional prayer book in almost every household in the Philippines. At that time the Philippine population was over 90% Catholic.

Through the intercession of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, we offer prayers for all our relatives and friends who have passed away. May they rest in peace. we  also implore the aid of Mary, Mother of God to provide succor to our family and friends who are sick. We thank God for all our blessings  and keeping us safe. Amen

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