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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mia's Quilt

A new grandniece has joined our family and we are all gaga over her. I decided to make her a quilt to be presented at the baby shower. Pouring through my books and magazines, as well as the internet for inspiration, I found a quilt pattern designed by quilt artist Amy Butler. It so happened, I have a collection of her fabrics in my stash and this pattern puts it to excellent use.  The pattern is called Bloom Quilt and is available as a free pdf download on the internet. Here's the link
I have had my stash of Amy Butler fat quarters  for a while, mostly collected during my travels to California and quilt shop hopping.. I was very attracted to the bright multicolored designs that reminded me of the colors and exotic designs of the 60s and 70s yet they are very current as well as timeless..These are some of Amy Butler fabric stash of fat quarters I used for the quilt


Instead of creating the quilt top with strips of fabric as per the pattern,  I made rectangular units of the Amy Butler's polka dot prints and sewed them together.

The construction of this quilt is a little different than normal. Once the quilt top is made, the ruffle border is attached .  Then the quilt top is placed on top of the batting. This unit is placed on top of the quilt backing right sides facing . The quilt top, batting and backing should all measure the same. The  seams are sewn around the perimeter leaving an opening to allow the whole quilt to be turned inside out - a basic pillow case construction technique.


A variety of sizes of yoyos were made. I made templates from everything round  I can find around our house, including plates and large garbage bin covers.



The yoyos were appliqued securely to the top because this was a gift for a baby and I did not want them to accidentally come off. Again, this is a little different than the pattern's instructions, where the yoyos were loose on the edges.

I love how colorful and interesting this quilt turned out. I think it will give the baby hours of entertainment and warmth.  I am looking forward to the day I see Baby Mia enveloped in this quilt. For sure, I will have to take a picture of her with the quilt.

Mia's Quilt
by jojo sabalvaro tan 2013


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