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Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Meditation on Jesus Christ through Painting

"By His Wounds You Have Been Healed"
Watercolor on Aquabord  4"x4"
by jojo sabalvaro tan 2014

We finally booked a trip to the Holy Land after many attempts in years past. The literature on the trip encourages preparing for the trip spiritually by engaging in prayer and meditation.  One of the suggestions was to go to church everyday and spend time in quiet contemplation. Another was to read The Magnificat, a monthly publication with daily prayers and mass readings. We proceeded to download the Magnificat app on my Ipad.  We also started reviewing the  biblical places we will be visiting to understand their significance in Jesus' life.  Our itinerary included biblical passages referencing the places we will be visiting. I must admit that we are not frequent Bible readers, but it was great to go though the Bible and read the passages from the New Testament in the context of following the footsteps of Christ and the Old Testament as a root for the three monotheistic faiths, Jewish, Christian and Islam, coexisting in the Holy Land. Life Magazine also came out with, Jesus,  a special feature publication on Jesus, which explained the importance and influence of Jesus Christ through two millennium and followed His footsteps to some of the important places of His ministry.
Cover of Life Magazine Jesus

In the past few years, I would prepare for Lent by doing a painting of Jesus Christ. This year, because of our trip to the Holy Land , I decided to start out earlier so I can prepare spiritually for our trip by combining meditation and prayer with the aid of painting.

I chose to do a painting of Christ crucified, which I, as a Catholic, consider one of the most significant and important events that occurred in the Holy Land. I used a 4" x4" Aquabord as my surface and decided to use as my medium Yarka watercolors because of their richness and intensity of color. Plus, not that it makes very much sense to anyone else but me, I happen to be watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi at the time I was working on this painting  and Yarka watercolors are made in Russia. So, in my own convoluted way of thinking, there is also some touch of the art of Russian Christian iconography at play here.

Base Coating

Completed Painting

I used EnviroTex Lite pour-on High Gloss Finish to seal the painting where you mix an equal part of resin and hardener and pour it on the painting. The effect was a thick glass like finish, almost like a glossy tile. Then I bought a 7"x7" pine wood plaque which I painted in first with an orange base coat, then once dried with black acrylic. Once the second layer dried I sanded and applied a second coat of black. When that coat dried, I applied an acrylic gloss varnish . The painting was attached to the wood plaque with super glue.

The finished  painting mounted on a 7" x 7" painted pine board.
While I was painting, the passage from Peter 2:24 stuck in my mind - "He himself bore our sins in His body upon the cross, so that, free from sin, we might live for righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed."  I used the last sentence from this passage as the title of this painting..

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