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Friday, May 18, 2012

Blue Moon Quilt

Blue Moon Quilt, 2011
by jojo 
 sabalvaro tan
approx 72" x 56"
100% cotton fabric

I had some predominantly blue fabrics in dark and light  values that came with a kit that I purchased in Wisconsin years ago. After I got it home, I could not find the umph to make the quilt. So the fabrics sat in my sewing room for years. One day, I was watching a quilting demonstration show on TV. They were making a kaleidoscope quilt. The quilt block was made of 8 pie-shaped triangles and 4 corner triangles to make the kaleidoscope block. What intrigued me with this particular quilt is once the blocks are put together, you see other shapes formed such as a circle, flower and star. And it does seem like looking into a viewfinder of a kaleidospe. Aha, I thought, since the demo quilt in particular only used a dark and light of the same color, maybe I can use my blue fabrics in the kit to make a kaleidoscope quilt.  So, I went ahead and ordered the kaleidoscope ruler.

I decided to make an 8" block.  I found the 8" markings on the kaleidoscope ruler, I used that as a guide to cut a bunch of light and dark pie-shaped triangles as well as the smaller corner triangles.

The Kaleidoscope ruler
and light and dark  pie-shaped triangles and small corner triangle.
For each block, you need 4 light and 4 dark pie-shaped triangles and 4 small corner triangles.

For each block, attach 4 corner triangles to the base of  4 pie-shaped triangles. I call this my ice cream piece.
The quilt is made of  distinct dark block and light block.
For the dark block, attach the corner triangles to the light pie
and for the light block, attach the corner triangle to the dark pie  
For the dark block, sew a light ice cream piece to a dark pie.
For the light block, sew a dark ice cream to a light pie.

Attach the pieces together, alternating dark and light pies.
This is how the light block looks, with dark ice cream pieces and light pies.

This is the dark block, with light ice cream pieces and dark pies.
The finished blocks are 8" square.

Sew a dark block to a light block, alternating light and dark.

Here are more blocks put together

You can actually see how the blocks  form an optical illusion with secondary and tertiary designs.
The large blue circles which inspired the name Blue Moon,

The finished quilt is 6 blocks wide and 8 blocks long for a total of 48 blocks.
I used a 4"  blue border to frame the quilt.

I had so much fun making this quilt and hope to one day make it is more than two colors for a true color-filled kaleidoscope effect.

The name of the quilt is also inspired by the song Blue Moon, which is a sort of anthem for my high school class. Maybe I'll take it along to our next reunion and have everyone sign it as a memento.

This quilt is dedicated to Class of 1965 - University of the Philippines Preparatory School.

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