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Friday, March 2, 2012

Yves Saint-Laurent - The Designer of My Generation

The Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit Banner at the Petit Palais in Paris
I was lucky enough to be in Paris during the French fashion designer, YVES SAINT LAURENT (1936-2008), retrospective exhibition at the Petit Palais.   I went to the exhibit with my good friend Yogi and I think, for both of us, it was the first time we actually realized the influence Yves Saint Laurent had on the way we dressed over the years. On display were almost 40 years of couture and pret-a-porter (ready to wear) from Yves Saint Laurent 's collection. More than 300 outfits were featured from the trapeze dress to his evening gowns. I fondly remember my mommy and I wearing matching mother-daughter trapeze dresses when I was a young girl. Back then they were also called sack or tent dresses.

Trapeze Dress

As Yogi and I walked through the exhibition, we saw many outfits whose clones occupied our closets at one time or another in our lives. The first room featured his A- line collection, a style that is still relevant today.
An A-Line Dress
We also saw how Yves Saint-Laurent revolutionized women's wardrobe by drawing on the male evening, trouser and safari suit to dress women, thus empowering the women who wore them. Yogi and I were among the first women to wear pant suits in campus at our university. At the time, I had not realized that Yves Saint- Laurent had his hand in this.

In the menswea -inspired gallery
He also took inspiration  from countries such as Russia, China, India, Spain, Japan, Africa and Morocco and from artist such as Mondrian, Picasso, Matisse and Van Gogh. I remember having a Mondrian A-line mini dress which was on of my favorite outfits in the late 60s.
Mondrian dress

I had two favorite rooms - the one featuring the menswear influence on women's clothing and the ball gowns which to this date, more than 40 years later, looked so timeless and modern.

In the evening wear gallery
As we walked through the exhibit, we realized that every style and trend we ever wore were explored and done by Yves Saint- Laurent. He had an unparalleled attention to detail and an ongoing quest for refinement and renewal , as exhibited by the hundreds of fabric swatches he had collected over the years arranged  in various combinations.

Whether or not there were media influences behind it, I feel that Yves Saint Lauren's impact on the way my friends and I dressed just seeped into our consciousness unbidden because it was so natural, easy, beautiful and empowering. He is indeed the fashion designer of my generation. Thank you, Yves.
The cover of the exhibit catalog

“Le plus beau vĂȘtement qui puisse habiller une femme, ce sont les bras de l'homme qu'elle aime.”
― Yves Saint-Laurent

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