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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mother and Child Mixed Media Sculpture

Mother and Child Mixed Media Sculpture 2011
20" tall
Fabric, clay, wire, beads, buttons
by jojo sabalvaro tan

I made this Mother and Child Mixed Media Sculpture as another prototype for my ETSY shop. It really is a combination of doll making and sculpture. I had fun with creating this since I just started out with the vaguest of ideas and just figured out what to do along the way. It was a real creative process and at the same time my poor studio was turned over as I was looking for materials in my stash that would inspire me and that I could use. By the time I was done, the studio was a royal mess. Yikes.

I decided that I would make the body out of fabric stuffed with batting. To give it structure, I took a wire hanger and bent it into a general body shape that appealed to me. I wrapped the wire in batting to cover up any sharp points and then made a pattern for the body and cut the front and back out of cream colored material. I sewed the 2 sides together and turned it out and then inserted the wire frame. I then stuffed the body firmly with batting. The same process applied to the baby. 

I could not decide what to do with the faces, I wanted something different. So I decided to sculpt sort of a mask from FIMO modeling material. After I was satisfied with the faces, I baked the face mask in the oven at 265 degrees F for 30 minutes. The face masks were attached to the fabric using strong heavy duty glue and reinforced by stitching through the holes I made on the mask before baking.
i debated with myself whether to paint the face masks and decided not to for a hopefully, more avant garde look.

For the clothes, I used woven silk in stripes, checks and solids. It lent a very elegant ethnic feel to the piece. The mother has a headdress of the woven silk as well. I added hand strung beaded necklaces and earrings as accessories and a toggle button and beads to the outfit.

The sculpture stands about 20" tall. I love how this piece  turned out especially because it is a sculpture of my favorite subject to paint, the Madonna and Child, I am truly amazed I did this. 

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