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Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Christmas Card

Blue Virgin of Chartres  2010
22 3/4" x 6 1/4"
Paper Mosaic on Artboard
by jojo sabalvaro tan

This is the image that was chosen by close family and friends for our 2011 Christmas card. This is the first year I am not using one of my Madonna and Child paintings. Instead, I am using the paper mosaic I made inspired by the stained glass windows I saw at Chartres Cathedral in France. I featured this piece in an earlier post, Paper Mosaic. I did do several watercolors for this year's Christmas Card (featured in earlier posts as well).
The three final contenders are as follows. Which one is your favorite?

Illuminated manuscript - Nativity 2011
9" x 12"
Watercolor on watercolor paper
by jojo sabalvaro tan

Madonna and Child 2011
9" x 12"
Watercolor on watercolor paper
by jojo sabalvaro tan

Nativity 2011
11" x 11"
Watercolor on watercolor paper
by jojo sabalvaro tan

This year I printed my own cards. It was difficult to find the appropriate sized card stock because the image is long and narrow. I found some Wilton tri-fold program card stock in the wedding aisle of a party store. It was the perfect size except I had to cut-off one of the folds. The card had a border in front that framed my image perfectly. I think this turned out the nicest card I made so far, but I do think that every year. I can't wait to get started on next year's card.

The finished 2011 Christmas Card Front

The finished 2011 Christmas Card Inside
Sentiment: "Peace, Love, Joy"

Merry Christmas and a Great 2012 to all of you.

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