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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Madonna and Child Painting on Watercolor Canvas

Madonna and Child 9" x 12"
by jojo sabalvaro tan
Watercolor on Watercolor Canvas
I try to challenge myself with different kinds of medium when it comes to painting. This time instead of painting my Madonna and Child on watercolor paper, I decided to use watercolor canvas instead. I found it difficult at first as the paint did not absorb on the canvas as well as it did on paper. I also found myself painting in a different way, more short repeated strokes as opposed to letting the paint 'work' on the paper by itself. One advantage is that when I make a mistake, the paint can be lifted off to the white of the canvas and then you can start all over. But at the same time, you have to be careful to not lift off an area that you would like to keep intact. I used an acrylic sealant to protect in between layers of the painting I am pleased with, waiting for the sealant to completely dry before I do any more painting.  I like the resulting painting because it feels oil painting-like although, it does not have the unique transparent quality most look for with watercolors.

Detail of Virgin Mary's Face
With this particular painting, I was displeased with how Mary's lips turned out after I completed it. Months after, I was still able to erase and change my painting of the lips.

Another advantage of the watercolor canvas is that you have the option not to frame. I worry though that without proper protection that parts of the painting might just be obliterated by accident. I will seal this painting with sealant to oblivion to make sure it does not happen. I'll have to get the UV Acrylic sealer that the manufacturer recommends.

I used Frederix watercolor canvas which is 100% archival that is on a stretcher frame already, so I did not experience any buckling as you would with watercolor paper. I applied gold leaf to accent this painting and give it that renaissance period look. Overall, I am pleased with how the painting turned out and I like the texture of canvas on my work. This painting was inspired by one I saw in one of the churches in Italy. I do not recall which church, we went into so many and do not recall the artist, as well. I'll have to surf the web and see if I can find more info.

Will it be my Christmas Card painting this year?

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