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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Late Circa 1960s Archive

Go-go girl by jojo sabalvaro Circa late 1960s
Watercolor and ink on paper

I was digging through old albums and came across a couple of paintings I did in the late 1960s. I was surprised to find my paintings in relatively good condition, the colors still as vibrant as the day I painted them. I recall using the Rotring Rapidograph Technical pen for the drawing (the black parts) and colored with either Prang or Sakura brand watercolors which were what was available at the time for art students. Nowadays, I choose artists grade watercolors for their colorfast and lightfast characteristics. But it goes to prove that inexpensive materials that we used as students in the 60s were of excellent quality. Was it the care and pride that was put into items manufactured then as opposed to now or was it that there were less synthetic additives to the paints then that gave them their staying power?

1960s girl by jojo sabalvaro circa late 1960s
Watercolor and ink on paper

These paintings featured the typical fashions of the time, the hipster mini skirt (that rose 3 inches above the knee) accessorized with a wide belt. The blouse snapped at the crotch to avoid riding up and exposing your tummy or backside. In the painting, I also showed fish net stockings, another accessory I often wore to minimize exposure of other body parts when I wore mini skirts. These days, the more exposure the better, almost nothing is left to the imagination.

I wore a similar dress and earrings as what Twiggy is modeling here
The paintings also feature the fashionable hairstyle of the day, long hair usually worn with bangs. Even the boys started wearing their hair long. I kept my hair short in a cut that was called the London Look, emulating the famous model of the time, Twiggy. My dresses were A- line or sleeveless shifts and if I wore pants, they were bell-bottomed or palazzos. We poured through Vogue and teen magazines to have the dresses featured custom made for us by our dressmakers. For make up, it would be the doe-eyed look where we utilized an eye pencil to deepen or add a crease to our eyelids and a pale lip color, another Twiggy signature look. I also wore huge sunglasses, one of the fashion statements of the day. And then, there was the white go-go boots. As you can tell, fashion in the 60s was pretty much influenced by the so-called British Invasion brought about by the popularity of the Beatles and other British bands and singers.

Hope this brings you back to the 1960s, one of the best decades in my life, if not the best. It was a time when everything was possible - a very happy and carefree time for me. How was the 1960s for you?

This post is dedicated to my far-out and groovy friend Daddie, who the Go-go girl the painting immortalizes. Happy Birthday, girl!!! Who loves ya!


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  2. Daddie Albaladejo MaticSeptember 23, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    These are great Jo ... just luv it. Thanks for the super cool Birthday Greeting - icing on the cake :-) ... Daddie