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Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Nursing Cover

My niece is having a baby girl and for her shower gift she requested a baby nursing cover. She wanted one in a predominantly purple and brown material. So off I went fabric shopping. I wanted to find a home decorating weight fabric for the cover since I thought that would be sturdier and would stand up to the numerous washing baby stuff seem to require. After visiting several fabric shops, I came to the realization that the purple and brown combination is not a color used much in home decorating as there was none to be found. So I looked around the cottons used for making quilts (forget the baby stuff, that was a bust also) and after the fifth store, I found a couple of prints that may be passable. I purchased a yard each of these fabrics. I intended to make a reversible nursing cover but ended up making two covers instead. 

looked at some of the nursing covers on the Internet and some had instructions that you can follow. This particular nursing cover has peek-a-boo feature with the help of the boning encased in the upper edge of the cover. For each nursing cover, the materials I used are:

1 yard of cotton fabric (44 inches wide)
2 D Rings (1 1/2 inches)
15 inch fabric covered boning
Fusible interfacing
Matching thread
Usual sewing tools such as scissors, tape measure, pins and the all important seam ripper.

Step 1 - Square up the fabric 
Square up fabric along the non-selvage edge. I used a rotary cutter and ruler.

Step 2 - Make the straps.   

Cut 4.25" strip from fabric for straps on the non-selvage ends. The rest of the fabric will be used for the main body of the nursing cover.
Cut 2 " by 43" strips from the fusible interfacing. Center the interfacing on the wrong side of the strip and iron on the interfacing (according to manufacturer's directions) to the fabric. 
Sew wrong sides of the strip together on the long side, making sure to taper to a point at the end. 
Trim curve edge. 
Turn the strap inside out (I used a ruler for turning) and press with the seam in the center.
Top stitch around the perimeter of the strap. Cut a 10" portion from the open end of the strap. You now have a short and long strap. Fold the short strap in half and insert the 2 D rings. Secure the D rings by sewing across the strap as close to the D rings as possible.

Step 3 - Attach boning to the body of the cover.

Turn the long edge of the fabric to wrong side by 1/2". Iron to set. Turn the long edge another 1/2 in and press. Mark the middle of this edge and measure 7 1/2 inches to the left of the middle and mark. Open the folds and pin the boning to the upper edge of the material starting at the 7 1/2 " mark. Continue pinning the rest of the boning to the upper edge.
Secure the boning by sewing to the top edge of the body of the nursing cover with your sewing machine. Cut off any boning that protrudes from its fabric casing.
 Step 4 - Attach straps to body of the cover. 

Turn the entire long edge on the two 1/2 " folds. ALthough the boning is already encased in fabric, the double fold ensures that the boning is secure and prevent it from poking through. Insert the open end of each strap underneath the fold placing them next to the opposite ends of boning. Make sure that the seamed side of the strap faces the wrong side of the fabric. Stitch the fold, enclosing the straps. 
Turn the straps towards the front and stitch the top of the fold to secure the straps on top

 Step 5 - Hem the sides and bottom of the body of the cover.  

Turn the side edges  1/2" twice and sewing the fold close.  Turn the bottom edge 1/2 " once and then 1" and sew the fold close. I used the blind hem feature of my sewing machine for the bottom hem. Press the cover to crisp up the edges.

One nursing cover done. Wasn't  that easy. I hope you make one for the next baby shower you attend. 

If you don't own a sewing machine or don't know how to sew, you can use fusible tape or even fabric glue for the hem. edges as well as the strap. To save money, you can skip the D rings and just tie the straps together. You can also skip the boning or substitute flexible plastic from a margarine or similar container and cut to size.

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  1. What a colorful nursing cover, instead of the white diaper. Easy steps to follow - I think I can do this. Thanks.