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This blog journals my quest of art, whether it is a piece of work that is inherent in nature or one created by artists known or unknown or that I created myself. During this search, I have come to appreciate the magnificence and generosity of God who in his infinite wisdom surrounded us with exquisiteness everyday...everywhere and inspired our human spirit to create beauty that feeds our bodies and souls. Come join me on my journey to find art through my travels and my own creative endeavors. Maraming salamat.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

A stroll through Chartres, France

After visiting the great Cathedrale Notre Dame des Chartres, we had an opportunity to stroll through the town itself. Actually, by this point we were on the search for food. Pia, Yogi's daughter, a serious foodie who is forever in search of the best french macaron asked the advice the storekeeper at the first souvenir store we came across. That led us walking through the narrow streets of Chartres. Many stores were closed, I was unsure if it was because it's too early or because it's a Sunday; Yogi said it may be because it's summer holiday season. Apparently, most restaurants and stores in France close in August - a break from the summer heat. As we walked further, we spotted this candy store filled with colorful and delicious goodies. Just breathing the air in there, I believe I gained at least 5 1/2 pounds.

We forced ourselves to partake in the stores tempting offerings,
marzipan, candied fruit, buttery cookies as well as caramels, chocolates and nougats
in a myriad of flavors.

Our next stop was the patisserie recommended by the storekeeper. Now, we are getting serious. We ordered all the different varieties of macarons. I really love them. They ranked up there with Pierre Hermes in Paris. I also love La Duree's macarons, which after one bite quickly found a place among the top macarons I have had. There's one more on my list of top ranking macarons, Martin Lambert, also in Paris, makes macarons filled with ice cream. Macarons filled with ice cream. Hot summer day. Need I say more. Ok, ok... I digress.....

I got a chocolate croissant which, in honor of it being a favorite of my husband who could not join me on this trip, I was obliged to try. It was buttery, flaky and the chocolate filling rich and creamy. Yum!

We are finally ready for the main event. After going back and forth between several restaurants looking at their menus, we decided on the charming Creps'Salads which mainly serves crepes. Pia also philosophized about the decor and concluded that based on it, the toilettes will pass muster. There was so many ways of filling crepes, which made it difficult to select what to order. I opted for Flambees (their version of crepe suzettes) and some coffee. Yogi and Pia chose to have savory crepes or galettes. You would think that we no longer had any space in our stomachs after all those sweets just minutes earlier, but we were still able to pack those crepes in.

After lunch, we looked around the town a bit more to walk off some off the calories.

The French love their dogs/ Hotel de Ville
Evian Poster/ Public Art

Ten calories expended later, after the gazillions we consumed, we rolled ourselves back to the Gare to catch the next train back to Paris. Now don't tell me you did not find the artistry in all that food. Oh yeah, and the sights. All those who agree, say 'Oui, Est-ce que vous porriez me passe la fourchette, s'il vous plait.'


  1. what a quaint, pretty, little town.

  2. Maintenant, je veux pain au chocolat. ....KR