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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect IPad Case

Being a person who is a self-confessed accessory addict, I happily embarked on a search for the perfect case for my IPad. You have to understand that I am the person who plays golf occasionally but has to have the outfit, the matching shoes, the latest clubs, etc....same with my other occasional activities like skiing, bowling, just plain exercising and it is especially so with my regular creative hobbies, such as quilting and painting, I have to have the best sewing machine, all kinds of threads, needles, scissors, books, brushes, paints, and every innocuous items that I may remotely need just in case. But most of all, I have to have the bags and cases to carry all these things in style. So with my IPad, it is no different.

When my IPad arrived, I quickly ran to the Apple store to find accessories. I ended up buying the keyboard dock, a car charger, a microfiber cleaning cloth and earphones. I also ordered a Pogo Sketch stylus and had a Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector applied. But my search for a case was not easy. I found most of the stock boring and pedestrian. The neoprene cases, although they came in many colors are what has been seen on many a laptop today. I spent hours searching the Internet but I really am a person who has to actually see and touch a product before I buy. I resisted the official Apple IPad case because it was black. But, since I did not find anything as functional, I bought one. It had a built in stand and seemed very sturdy and did not add very much weight or bulk to my IPad. The case cleaned up like new with a soft damp cloth. One of my biggest complaints is that I have to take the IPad out of the case every time I have to put it in the keyboard dock. And taking the Ipad out and putting it back in the case is a struggle especially if you have arthritis. The IPad fits extremely snugly in the case which is good thing but also a bad thing when you have to take it in and out of the case. I found that now with the repeated ins and outs that it is a little looser, but just so.

The other thing I would have added to the case is a strap or something that will hold it close. I carry my IPad in my purse. Of course, I bought a new one that fits it with the rest of the stuff I carry on a day to day basis. I find that the case opens up in the purse and the IPad is exposed to dirt and scratches, etc. I tried to find a sleeve but none of them fit my IPad with the case and the ones for the net books are tad too big. So, I experimented with making a custom sleeve for my IPad. I made two prototypes so far. I used three different Japanese inspired prints for the first one

and on the second, I used a shiny waterproof vinyl material for the outside and lined the inside with ultra suede and bound the whole thing with a contrasting Japanese print as an accent.

I liked how they turned out and most of my friends who have seen them have requested that I make them one also.

This does not stop my quest by any means. I just saw that Louis Vuitton is releasing a case next year. I think I have to have that one.

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  1. The cases you've made looks good. You should try different prints like checkered or polka dots.