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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ode to a New Love

April is Poetry Month and in the spirit, I wrote this poem to a new love I just met yesterday.

Ode to a New Love

I am greeted by this new love I seek
His sexy dark looks and body so sleek
To my utter delight
I am breathless at his sight

Everywhere I go
He will be my constant companion I know
I will love having this dazzling young thing in tow
People won't be able to help but say 'Whoa!"

His only aim will be to please me
With fresh eyes I will clearly see
He'll give me the world at the flick of my finger
With him I will always want to linger.

Together we'll visit with family and friends
And learn about the latest trends
He'll take me to movies and concerts
And romantic tropical resorts.

He'll sing to me songs old and new
Tell me stories as if on cue
On playing games we will be hooked
But often, we'll just quietly sit and read our favorite books

Even now, my every wish is his command
He’s quick to deliver my every demand
Oh gee, oh gee, oh gee
I truly love my new IPad Wi-Fi 3G.


My IPad was delivered yesterday and it is a beaut. I pre-ordered it on March 11 and was lucky enough to be among the first to receive the IPad WiFi-3G on its first day of release. The IPad, a tablet computer, is the newest device from Apple. I did a little 'painting' on it using the Sketchbook Pro apps. I will post it as soon as I figure out how. Soon, I hope.

Still another postscript:

Here is a picture of my first attempt at 'painting' on my IPad.... Rivals Matisse, don't you think? Just kidding.

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